Public Housing Authority Began End/Status Reason
East St. Louis, Illinois October 1985 September 2017 Physical/management
Orange County, Texas September 1993 2004 Fair housing
Lafayette, Louisiana February 1995 and March 2011 September 2002 and November 2016 Fair housing/management and financial management
Chicago, Illinois May 1995 May 1999 Physical/management
New Orleans, Louisiana February 1996 May 2014 Physical/management
San Francisco, California March 1996 September 1997 Physical/management
Springfield, Illinois March 1996 September 1997 Physical/management
Wellston, Missouri July 1996 Current Physical
Camden, New Jersey August 1997 2003 Physical/management
Beaumont, Texas October 2000 July 2004 Fair housing
St. James Parish, Louisiana April 2001 July 2002 Physical/management
Virgin Islands August 2003 May 2014 Financial/physical
Detroit, Michigan July 2005 March 2015 Financial/physical/management/capital fund
Miami-Dade, Florida August 2007 2010 Financial/management
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania April 2011 2013 Management
Cocoa, Florida April 2013 December 2013 HUD debt/financial/MOU default
Gary, Indiana July 2013 Current Financial/physcial
Alexander County, Illinois February 2016 Current Financial/physical/VCA

Since 1985, HUD has placed 19 housing authorities into administrative receivership. Of those, three remain -- the Alexander County Housing Authority, the Wellston (Missouri) Housing Authority, and the Gary (Indiana) Housing Authority. This list, which was provided by HUD, does not include judicial receiverships. 

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