I love to visit Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. I can spend hours watching the fish. I have noticed how they have personalities, much like human beings. I see characteristics that remind me of people I know (smile).

I remember one exhibit I visited that was like a coral reef. The exhibit was a huge tank, with hundreds of different fish and many different corals. Close up you could see the wonderful colors of each fish, identify them and see their habitat. Take a few steps in either direction for a whole new habitat and group of fish.

I moved to a chair against the far wall to sit and watch the whole view. It reminded me of rush hour in New York City! Schools of fish would move in one direction, stop and then would move in another. Individual fish went this way and that, still fitting into the flow. Some just kept swimming in circles, up and down, even upside down. Some were very dignified; others playful. Watching the whole tank, I realized they were all dwelling in one world.

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I realized how God sees us. He is a personal God, having intimate relationships with each of us. He knows our every thought, counts the hair on our head, but also sees the world from a much broader perspective. He sees us as we interact with others. Are we like fish swimming in circles, unaware of the others around him? Or like the ones who swim in schools? Or the ones who swim in and out of the coral that are always safe? Maybe we are like the fish who hover by the sharks, risking life on the edge of danger? Yet, no matter who we are, we are never far from God.

God enjoys us one on one. He studies everything about us so He knows us better than we know ourselves. He watches from the other side of the glass but also gets inside the tank with us! He sees the world from a distance yet knows every interaction, habitat and how we fit together. He sees the lonely, scared, tired and weak. He loves every one of us. We might never leave our little corner of the tank but God knows there is someone in our world who needs His love. Perhaps He will call you to be the one to go step forward and share his love.

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Jumper is the pastor of the Pontiac First Christian Church. Contact him at 1stccpontiacrev@gmail.com.


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