Buying Guide: Here’s how to skip a busy grocery trip this Thanksgiving
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Buying Guide: Here’s how to skip a busy grocery trip this Thanksgiving

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If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re probably already dreading a trip to a packed grocery store to stock up on essentials. That’s where Amazon Fresh’s grocery delivery service comes in. Fresh offers two hour delivery on everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast. Here’s a quick guide to cover the most important items on your list.

1) Turkey

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without the star of the show. Add this Plainville Farms fresh organic turkey to your cart with the click of a button. 

Plainville Farms Fresh Organic Turkey available from Amazon Fresh

2) Condiments

Make the classic Thanksgiving cranberry sauce with these organic cranberries, and stock up on turkey gravy from Whole Foods to top your noodles and mashed potatoes.

Organic Cranberries available from Amazon Fresh

Whole Foods Market Organic Turkey Gravy available from Amazon Fresh

3) Sides

When it comes to sides, Amazon Fresh has you covered. Pan fry some organic Brussels sprouts and shallots for a touch of green, or mash up some gold potatoes with garlic for satisfying starch.

More Thanksgiving Side Dishes from Amazon Fresh

4) Stuffing

This savory herb stuffing mix is simple but delicious, and it will save you some serious prep work in the kitchen.

Savory Herb Stuffing Mix available from Amazon Fresh

5) Pie

Whether you’re whipping up your own pumpkin pie this year, or choosing a pre-made apple pie, there are plenty of options.

Pumpkin Pie Mix available from Amazon Fresh

Old Fashioned Apple Pie available from Amazon Fresh


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