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Gift tin makeover

A little spray paint and a holiday ornament can change an outdated holiday tin into a classy, reusable gift box.

As an avowed DIYer, I have always considered the holidays a time to celebrate my inner crafter -- to either the joy or chagrin of the recipient. I've often felt that the personal nature of a homemade gift adds a touch of charm and displays an element of appreciation toward its receiver, which I hope outweighs the possibility of hokiness.

Over the years, my family has continued to be unwitting recipients of my quirky gifts from hands and heart. Which leads me to this DIY. While thrifting last year, I bought a bag of used holiday tins for a whopping $2. Painted with basic holiday themes and stamped with the products that once filled them -- giant, smiling M&M candies or popcorn mogul Orville Redenbacher's face -- they weren't exactly reusable for home-baked goods or other gifts. But they were perfectly nice tin boxes and it would be foolish for them to have seen only one use. It was time for a crafting makeover.

Time, a little spray paint and a holiday ornament changed an outdated tin into a classy, reusable gift box. This makeover is fairly simple to do, and the boxes can be used for far more than just edibles.

Note: I recommend avoiding painting inside the box or tin. If adding food items, line the box with parchment paper and wrap the food.


• Gift tin, lid removed

• Spray paint

• Ornament

• Twine or ribbon

• Newspaper


In a clean, well-ventilated area, lay down newspaper and place the tin and its lid side-by-side. Using a well-shaken spray can, paint the tins in light strokes until completely covered. Let dry. Touch up as needed.

Decorate with ornament and twine/ribbon. Line with tissue paper and use the tin as a gift box.


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