Project Lab: Saving the Earth, one fence post at a time

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Welcome again to Project 600, where we see how long it takes to fix or make enough stuff to cover the $600 price tag for my Eastwood MIG welder and the gas to run it.

Previously, I saved $25 by mending a broken shovel. In this episode, I’m going to try to fix a couple of broken metal fence posts. The stabilizer pieces on the bottoms have broken off after pulling them out of the ground at the end of the year, and I’d like to see if the metal is hearty enough to MIG weld everything back in place.

These fence posts are crucial to the garden at Reuter Acres. Rabbits here run rampant, and if there’s no fence up, the creatures will eventually come along and eat everything. As a human being, I simply can’t relate to a species that finds something good, completely destroys it and then just moves on to the next thing.

New fence posts can cost as much as $5 apiece, so if we can fix these, we’ll add a cool $10 to the total for Project 600. And we'll keep these old posts out of the landfill, which is good for the Earth. Let’s give it a try.

(Spoiler: It worked! But the original weld holes were worthless.)

Wisconsinite Andy Reuter writes and shoots video about whatever DIY project is holding his attention at the time. For more, follow him on Instagram, find him on Twitter, or subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

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