Details: Tectron 3-in-1 USB charging cable is used to charge iPhone4S/4G/3GS/3G, iPhone5, iPad mini/iPad4 and android phones. The 10-foot white cord has a USB plug on one end. The other end has 3 plugs: 30-pin plug for the iPad First Generation and iPhone 4S and earlier models; Lightning plug for the iPhone5 and later models and the iPad 2 and later models; and mini USB plug. Item NO. USB29B is printed on label on the outside of the pouch. They were sold July 2014 to August 2014.

Why: The charger can overheat while in use, posing a fire hazard.

Incidents: Two incidents reported the USB charger melting. No injuries or property damage were reported.

How many: About 55,000.

What do do: Call Tectron International 844-582-3152 or visit and click on Recall for more information.

-- Associated Press