Choosing the right accessories for your decorating project is usually the final touch for your room or project to look complete, and this can often be quite a challenge.

The obvious is often overlooked when finalizing a project, whether it is the great room, bedroom or another room. Color is an important factor, as well as size, subject matter and composition. You would definitely want to use accessories that appeal to you, as well as compliment your room.

Scale is another consideration, whether it’s a mantle, cocktail table or a wall. Lamps and other lighting fixtures also are important decorating accessories. Included are chandeliers, table and floor lamps and wall sconces. Mirrors are great for impact in a room and will also enlarge space. Mirrored walls or framed mirrors come in varied sizes and shapes. Mirrors of the same size can be grouped together above a sofa, bed or console. Various sizes and shapes of mirrors can also make a very interesting wall.

Pictures and paintings serve as great accents for your walls, while adding color. A question often asked about pictures is how high they should be hung. Eye level is a good determining factor, unless you are using small pictures to balance another picture, mirror or wall shelf. Having a very contemporary piece of art over a traditional sofa will also create a juxtaposition effect.

Garden seats in a variety of finishes and colors are becoming quite popular in decorating. They are just the right touch beside a chair or at the end of a sofa to provide a resting place for your favorite drink or book.

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From area rugs to toss pillows, wall brackets to floral arrangements, the list goes on and on. Don’t forget books for your bookcases or sofa table with attractive and functional bookends.

If budget is a factor, open up your china cabinet, buffet and storage cabinets. You might be surprised that a crystal candy dish and candle holders are just what you need to complete that mantle or table.

If you are working with a designer, make sure you identify items that are most important to you, so they can be incorporated into your décor.

Wayland Sims is an interior decorator and owner of Distinctive Interiors in Marion.

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