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At Home | Paper beats paint: Wallpaper is making a comeback!

At Home | Paper beats paint: Wallpaper is making a comeback!

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Wallcovering, more commonly referred to as wallpaper, has been around since about 4,000 B.C., but real wallpaper as we think of it didn’t actually come about until the printing press was invented. Wallpaper was the rage in the late 20th century but fell from favor as many found it reminded them of their grandma’s house.

According to Pinterest’s 2019 trend report, “paper beats paint.” People searching for big bold prints online has trended 401 percent more than in years past, according to Homeowners are open to the idea of wallpaper because of the new designs and the new, removable types of wallcoverings. Wallpaper manufacturers have listened to consumers that have struggled to remove old paper and swore they would never use it again. The manufacturers have invented new, easy to strip papers that peel off in one whole strip or piece. These removable papers are not available in every pattern and style, but even if the paper you select isn’t a removable one, non-removal papers are easier than ever to remove and don’t damage the sheetrock like the older versions.

Wallpaper has been trending upward in design for the last couple of years and looks ready to accelerate in popularity once again. The use of wallpaper in the last few years was evidenced in high-end, luxury design and is now showing up more and more in moderate, everyday home designs.

The most popular patterns and trends are large scale geometrics and florals, metallics and textures, and industrial or structural components. You will be amazed at the number of options in style, designs and colorways. While researching for this article, I read one designer state the painted accent wall is out, and wallpaper has taken its place.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and use wallpaper, here are some guidelines to assist. Your powder room is the perfect space to use a big, bold pattern. Believe it or not, a small space will seem larger when a big pattern is added to the walls. If you are ready to ditch that old accent wall, now is the time to wallpaper it. Does your room lack a focal point? Adding wallpaper to one or two walls will create a focal point and take your room from ho-hum to interesting in one day. Are you starting a remodeling or decorating project? Plan now to incorporate wallpaper into the design to give it a fresh and fashionable style. Still afraid of applying wallpaper to your walls? How about wallpapering panels and hanging as a group?

Wallpapers today can be bold or subtle, trendy or timeless; it is an easy way to express your personality in your decorating. So, go ahead and decide if you want an elegant design or a more funky design. Wallpaper will help you make the statement and take you to the desired design.

ANGELA ROWE, DDCD is Owner and Interior Designer of Decorating Den Interiors.


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