Christmas is fast approaching, which means holiday parties are too. Do you want to look your absolute best for your guests and the camera this year? Book your hair and beauty care appointments today! Some trendy products and treatments that can help spruce up your look include:

• Mani-pedis (opt for chrome nails or holographic polish)

• Exfoliating scrubs (with Dead Sea salts)

• Facial treatments (a good charcoal mask or a HydraFacial should do the trick)

• Eyelash extensions (choose a hypoallergenic synthetic variety)

• Permanent eyelash tints (for a charming, doll-like look)

• Facial hair removal, namely around the eyebrows and upper lip (either by electrolysis, laser or wax)

• Self-tanners (try an organic spray tan)

• Restorative hair treatments (apply a collagen smoothing serum to repair damaged strands)

• Hair styling (braids, buns and waves are all trending)

• Hair dyes (strawberry blondes and sun-kissed browns are this year’s winning hues)

• Microblading (a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment for full, natural looking brows)

• Evening makeup (glitter and shimmer are currently all the rage)

Are you the daring type? Here are four unusual trends that have taken the beauty world by storm this year:

1. Metallic ear makeup (yes, you read right)

2. Contoured eyebrows (in a neon shade, no less)

3. Long, rainbow-colored hair (worthy of a unicorn’s mane)

4. Glitter hair roots (a festive look, indeed)

How do you intend to turn heads at your next holiday party?

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