As a mother of three, Lezlie Terry knows the stresses of parenting. As the owner of Intuitive Massage and Bodywork, she knows the importance of relieving that stress.

“It’s about stopping and being present,” Terry said. “It’s about decompression of the mind. It’s that simple.”

When most people think about getting a massage, they think they need to really feel it the next day, but deeper doesn’t always mean better.

“There are a lot of different avenues in the massage world,” Terry said. “Getting regular massages have been proven to boost your immune system.”

Beyond more traditional massage options, Terry also uses Reiki and craniosacral techniques.

Reiki uses a subject’s lifeforce energy to promote emotional and physical healing. Craniosacral massage focuses on the head, spinal column and sacrum. Both are less invasive than traditional massage, which Terry said is important for some people.

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“We’re so guarded,” she said. “These techniques can get a client into a peaceful zone. These forms of stress-reduction bodywork can help drop brain chatter and really align them.”

Terry offers many different types of massages and bodywork — including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal and other massages as well as different wraps, treatments, yoga and more. Still, she pointed out other things a person can do to relieve life’s day-to-day stress.

“Each morning, stop and take 10 deep breaths,” she said. “Slow down and go inside your body.”

Deep breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain and is a simple way to calm oneself, Terry said. She also encourages people to meditate or, at the very least, step outside and take in their surroundings.

“With three kids of my own, I can tell you that 20 minutes of meditation makes me a little softer,” she said. “If that’s not possible, go outside. If it’s for 30 minutes or 30 seconds, it can make a positive difference. Take it in while you’re walking into class or work. It’s the small moments.”

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