Color you home to suit your mood

Color you home to suit your mood

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When it comes to interior decorating and color, I advise my clients to follow their hearts. Sometimes color preferences are not always the same as favorite colors, but after some sound planning on a new color scheme, your heart’s color desires can and probably will rule supreme!

I suggest that my clients follow five easy steps.

First, find your best opportunities for using color. Will painting one wall in an accent color give your room the spark you want? Or perhaps a soft blending of similar color hues will give your new room its desired feeling or mood.

Then, take a critical look at your room’s architectural features. Do you want them to stand out or be minimized? Perhaps you have painted bookshelves flanking a fireplace. Adding an accent color to the back walls of your bookshelves might add just a bit of much-needed color flair to the entire room.

Thirdly, try to definite how your space is being used: reading, relaxing, game playing or watching TV. An important consideration in selecting your new color scheme is how you actually use the space.

Next, analyze your room’s lighting. How much natural light does your room have? A room with a lot of artificial light will definitely call for a different color plan than one with a lot of natural light.

And last, but not least, it’s critical that you take into account your “new” room’s relationship to the other rooms in your home. Color continuity is key to creating an overall look that most people want.

– Angela Rowe, owner of Decorating Den in Harrisburg


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