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    It is easy to be a vegetarian in Southern Illinois, where thousands of acres of crop production are in fruits and vegetables. We are surrounded by beautiful fresh produce, which helps make this healthy plant-based lifestyle even healthier!

      Ye Olde Country Store Ice Cream Shoppe in Du Quoin has become a popular stop for ice cream. The shop offers 24 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream as cones, shakes, sundaes and banana splits.

      Slow-cooking enthusiasts are like the alchemists of yore. They experiment with heat and steam, rubs and sauces until they turn that inanimate slab of animal protein into a tender, juicy, savory ingot of mouth-watering gold for the taste buds.

      Most people look forward to spring as a transition into brighter, longer days and warmer, more temperate weather. Folks can finally get out of their homes without bundling up and can watch with anticipation as the barren winter landscape begins to fill with trees budding and grasses turning …

      It won’t be long before summertime reaches Southern Illinois and ice cream freezers come out of storage.

      It's fair to say cooking runs in the Sorensen family's blood. But it's also a little too easy - and a little too bland - to say that.

      One key characteristic drives a successful effort to create a unique and appealing culinary presentation: Simplicity.

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