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Are you longing to travel somewhere hot with plenty of sunshine? Do you daydream about finding the perfect tropical paradise? Besides Hawaii with its gorgeous beaches, a national park featuring several volcanoes, breathtaking panoramic views, fascinating historic sites (like Pearl Harbor), and a vibrant cultural scene, here are a few other heavenly vacation spots to consider.

The Cayman Islands: Whether you wish to scuba dive in crystal clear waters, explore tropical forests, observe turtles, parrots and other exotic wildlife, or simply soak up the sun, this Caribbean paradise will not disappoint!

Jamaica: Visit the Bob Marley Museum, relax on white sandy beaches (perhaps a rum and coke in hand?), swim with dolphins against a beautiful backdrop, and paddle down the Rio Grande. Which will you do first?

Saint Lucia: Sailing, diving, hiking, golfing — there’s no shortage of activities on this beautiful island! What’s more, between botanical gardens and endless beaches, Saint Lucia has a unique way of charming travelers.

Florida: Between the Everglades, Orlando, Miami and Cape Canaveral, Florida has a lot to offer, from beautiful landscapes to exciting activities for the whole family.

Mexico: Whether you’re interested in a relaxing holiday or a cultural experience, Mexico — with its breathtaking beaches, ancient Mayan villages and colorful colonial towns — is always a sure bet.

So, which sun-drenched destination will you be visiting next?

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