Southern Illinois has nothing to rival the spectacular 2,648-foot drop of Venezuela’s Angel Falls. Neither can the region claim anything as monumental as Niagara Falls on the U.S.-Canadian border. But, there are waterfalls in Southern Illinois.

They may be seasonal. They may be smaller in scale than Angel or Niagara falls, but they are spectacular in their own right — perhaps because they are so unexpected.

When someone mentions Illinois topography, endless fields of corn and soybeans come to mind. Most of the state is so flat that a silo is visible for 15 miles.

Yet, nestled into the heart of Southern Illinois are several waterfalls that can be spectacular at certain times of the year.

It must be noted that all the falls in Southern Illinois are seasonal. They are unlikely to be running in the middle of the summer. But, they can be magnificent during the spring snow melt or after a heavy downpour.

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