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A popular fundraising gala and art show put the varied talents of Southern Illinois University’s School of Art and Design on display. Art Over Easy 2018, the school’s annual fundraising initiative, took place on Friday, Dec. 7, 2018, at the Surplus Gallery, located in The Glove Factory at 432 S. Washington Ave. in Carbondale.

This year, Art Over Easy included a special VIP reception at 7 p.m. that provided access to an exclusive artist reception with the faculty and artists who contributed to the event. An Art Exchange Gallery also featured artwork and merchandise for sale at one price instead of bidding.

The event gave art lovers a chance to purchase original works donated by faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students and community members. Pieces include everything from paintings to sculptures to ceramics. The evening included a live auction, silent auction and gala, where a selection of beer, wine and food from local vendors was available. Jazz music was provided by Isaac Lausell of the SIU Music program.

All proceeds from the gala support the ongoing research and creative activity of talented current and former faculty and students, equipment upgrades, and facility needs of the School of Art and Design.

1. Jaime Conley-Holt of Murphysboro with Layla Murphy of Carbondale

2. Bob Chambers of Murphysboro and Tony Phillippe of Cobden

3. Laurel Fredrickson of Carbondale and Steve Belletire of Marion

4. Zeke Zivkovich of Carbondale and Kathy Belletire of Marion

5. Jami Deller and Angela Reinoehl, both of Carbondale

6. Jim Calloway of Murphysboro with Carol Good of Carbondale

7. Jeff Franklin and Darrell Bryant, both of Carbondale

8. John Palis of Jonesboro with Erin Palmer of Carbondale

9. Kathy Pine of Murphysboro with Julien Rei and Nancy Hunter Pei, both of Carbondale

10. Jessica Miavito of Cleveland, Ohio with Cody Miller of Naperville

11. Kelly Bender and Judy Davie, both of Carbondale

12. Denny and Leslie Pankey with Dave Jacob and Carolyn Goering, all of Carbondale

13. H.D. Motyl with Angela Reinoehl, both of Carbondale

14. Nadine Saylor of Carterville, Kelly McGuire of Carbondale and Andrea Hahn of Dongola

15. Reno Ahuja of Carbondale and Kym Rangitsch of Carterville

16. Mark and Jessica Pease with Jody Paulson, all of Carbondale

17. Carl and Heather Lange of Carterville with Rosie Kirk of Carbondale

18. Eldon Benz of Carbondale

19. Steve Mueller and Sharon Smaga, both of Carbondale

20. Heather Wepsiec and Peter Gregory, both of Carbondale

21. Rosalba Correa and Jesus Ponce de Leon, both of Carbondale

22. Cheri Barrall and Dawn Seward, both of Carbondale

23. Jan and Steve Payne of Carbondale

24. Rozzie Cribbs, Darian Lee and Alyxx Thompson, all of Chicago with Demetrio Antariez of Lincoln and Gary Tippin of Union, Missouri

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