The 75th Annual Herrin Chamber Dinner was held on Feb. 1 at Herrin Civic Center. This year’s theme was SNL characters and the costumes were outrageously fun. Several local people and businesses received awards for their contributions to the community. It was a fun-filled, sold out event and in keeping with Herrin Chamber’s tradition, it was fast-paced and completed ten minutes ahead of the now famous time clock!

1. Outgoing Herrin Chamber President, Kelly Green of Herrin with Mindy Combs of Carterville

2. Keith and Teresa Camarato (Teresa was the 2018 Citizen of the Year recipient).

3. Leah Brown and Mike Bergman

4. Marlene Simpson and Kathy Cerutti, both of Herrin

5. Edward Avripas, Brenda Brewster, Bruce Wallace, Cheryl Trench and Karina Hernandez

6. Kelly Green of Herrin

7. Julie and Aaron Christ of Herrin

8. Nicole and Matt Monchino of Herrin

9. Ann and Chris Gualdoni of Herrin

10. Melissa and Rodney Smith of Herrin

11. David Hesterberg and Cherish McCoy, both of Herrin

12. Kristina and Nate Scott of Carbondale

13. Scott Kinley of Herrin

14. Josh and Mindy Combs of Carterville

15. Matt and Jennifer Lee of Herrin

16. Mike and Donna Monchino of Herrin

17. Vicki Colombo of Herrin with Larry and Pam Hunter of Carterville

18. Teri Ingram of Carterville with Leigh Bedokis-Gusta and Jeff Gusta of Herrin

19. Kay and John Dosier of Carbondale with Frank Colombo of Herrin

20. Executive Director Herrin Chamber, Jennifer Buckley and Cindy Caldwell, both of Herrin

21. Frank Colombo of Herrin with Greg Ingram of Carterville and Mayor Steve Frattini of Herrin

22. Dr. Jeff and Sherry Parks of Herrin

23. Frank Colombo with Christie and Mark Collins, all of Herrin


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