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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the I Can Read! children's literacy program of Carbondale. The fundraiser, held Oct 27, at the Carbondale Elks Lodge, featured words from Ullico President and CEO, Ed Smith, a soul food buffet catered by Chef Paul Hogan of Atlanta, a silent auction and music by Rip Lee Pryor, King Juba and The Phonics.

  1. Deborah Woods of Carbondale surveys decorations and assorted desserts
  2. Terri and Mike Henry of Carbondale
  3. Paula Bradshaw, Sarah Heyer, Rich Whitney and Catherine Field all of Carbondale
  4. Tyler Edmonds of Anna with Margaret Nesbitt and Christy Solverson, both of Carbondale (photo by Marilyn Tipton)
  5. Ed Smith of Marion and Marilyn Tipton of Carbondale
  6. James and Carolin Harvey of Carbondale with Arlene Norvell of Murphysboro, back
  7. Vivian Robinson of Harrisburg with Sharon Harris-Johnson of Murphysboro
  8. Tyler Edmonds of Anna and Lynne Chambers of Ullin
  9. Richard Coleman and Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, both of Carbondale
  10. Jo and Glenn Poshard of Murphysboro with Carolyn Snyder of Carbondale
  11. Delores Albritton and Odessa Meeks, both of Carbondale
  12. Barbara Lemons and Deborah Woods, both of Carbondale
  13. Shirley Moore of Chicago with Cecelia Jones of Champaign 
  14. Darryl and Lavell Cox of Carbondale
  15. Bobby and Sharon Simon of Carbondale with Maggie Flanagan of Makanda, back
  16. Sam Goldman of Carbondale with Ray Lenzi of Makanda
  17. Theda and William Smith of Carbondale
  18. Liz Hunter of Carbondale
  19. Charles Howe of Carbondale
  20. Glenn and Jo Poshard of Murphysboro with Margaret Nesbitt of Carbondale
  21. Dennis Johnson of Murphysboro and Natalie Phelps Finnie of Elizabethtown
  22. Brandi Straub-Bradley of Marion with Ginger Marcec and Jerry Womick, both of Carterville
  23. ICR Director, Margaret Nesbitt and son, Darnell, both of Carbondale
  24. Ella Lacey and Hugh Muldoon, both of Carbondale
  25. Ayana Haynes, Quincy Blythe and Erica Harris, all of Carbondale
  26. Music from the Phonics of Cairo
  27. Angela and Derrick Hogan Sr. of Carbondale
  28. Daniel Booth stopped in from the road to report on the Carbondale Terriers’ playoff win! He is seen with Margaret Nesbitt of Carbondale.

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