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So you’ve made it through the holidays and have made a pact with yourself to finally get healthy. No more sugary drinks, no more expensive coffee drinks from Starbucks, etc. Your plan is to exercise and drink more water, but you just can’t stomach one more glass of boring H2O.

Fruit-infused detox water might be a solution to keep you on track. Experts say you eat with your eyes first. Why not take the same approach with drinks? Try adding colorful fruits and herbs to your next glass of water. All you need are the ingredients and a pitcher or glass jar to mix up your water routine. While there are no hard and fast rules as to how much or little fruit to use in each recipe, most start with two quarts of water. Adjust the remaining ingredients to your personal preferences.

Here are a few samples we liked.

— Life & Style in Southern Illinois

Lime, Raspberry and Mint Zinger

Adding fresh mint to drinks aids in digestion and curbs sweet cravings. Pair it with raspberries and tangy citrus fruit such as lime slices to create a refreshing drink.

Lemonade with or without ginger

The health benefits of lemons are plentiful. They are a natural superfood. Lemons can aid in weight-loss struggles and help balance your body’s pH. Try adding grated ginger to relieve a bloated belly.

Banish the Blues

Introduce a good mood by drinking the blues away. Add sliced apples and strawberries and a handful of muddled blueberries and blackberries.

Summer Mocktail

One of my favorite cocktails is the Pimm’s Cup which has Pimm’s No. 1 —a gin-based liqueur — among citrus fruits and cucumbers. It’s easy enough to adapt a water infusion with the ingredients. Add grated ginger, cucumber slices, lemon and orange slices, and for a punch of color a few blueberries or strawberries.

Coconut concoction

The health benefits of drinking coconut water are numerous — from boosting energy to balancing the body’s friendly gut bacteria. It makes an excellent sports recovery drink as it is a good source of electrolytes, vitamins and other nutrients. Try adding chunks of fresh coconut to water with muddled herbs like basil or other fruits like pineapple or mango slices.


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