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Top 5 pet new year's resolutions for 2022

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The new year is upon us.  It's time to take a look back on the past year and determine what we might want to change, do better or accomplish in 2022.  For pet parents, much of this reflection applies to the lives they share with their pets.

TripsWithPets surveyed pet parents and asked them what resolutions they've made for 2022 relating to their pets.

Here are the top five 2022 Pet New Year's Resolutions.

1.  Healthier Diet

Feeding their pets better quality food is at the top of pet parents list in the new year. They've been doing their research and are wanting to do all they can to ensure their little ones live a long, happy and healthy life.  Whether it's gluten-free, corn-free, home cooking, raw food, or probiotics - pet parents are coming for you in 2022!

2.  Daily Walks

From walks in the park, a stroll around the neighborhood or a jog along hiking trails (and everything in between), twenty percent of pet parents surveyed plan to get outside each day and move with their pets this year. They cited exercise and bonding as their motivation for walking their pooch more often.

3.  More Road Trips

More car rides, doggie bakery visits, beach outings, and getaways, are among the activities that 17% of respondents said they are resolved to doing more of with their four-legged family members.  Getting out and spending some quality time with their pets to make that bond even stronger is at the top of many pet parents' minds this year!

4.  Socialization

As more pet parents opt to take their pets on more outings, there comes the need to better socialize them. Fifteen percent of pet parents polled are committed to helping their shy, skittish, or fearful pet become more comfortable around people, other pets, and in public places.

5. Training

A close cousin of socialization, training, comes in as the fifth most popular pet resolution of 2022.  We all can't have perfectly mannered pets but a good number of pet parents plan to devote the time to curb some not-so-favorable behavior. From teaching Rover not to bark at house guests and drag you while on walks to practicing better recall (getting your dog to come when called) and  training your cat to stay off kitchen parents are ready to put on their pet whisperer hat!

Here’s to a Yappy and Healthy New Year!

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