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$10 million Carbondale home with millions in antiques likely 'totaled' after fire, owners say

CARBONDALE— On Tuesday night, Wesley and Linda Gibson watched their Carbondale mansion burn down via video, from their main home in Florida.

Tiny town of Norris City, Illinois, was instrumental in World War II. Ed Oliver wants everyone to know.

In Southern Illinois, Norris City is a small dot on the map, 20 miles northeast of Harrisburg. But for about seven months during World War II, it was one of the most important places in the country.

Northeast Carbondale, northwest Marion among zones for 'social equity' help for weed dispensaries

CARBONDALE — Since Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced this past May his plan to legalize cannabis, he has framed legalization as a social justice issue first and foremost.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Voice of The Southern: Let's continue to make Carbondale the place to be

Southern Illinois University’s homecoming celebration was like a shot of B12 for the City of Carbondale.

Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows: A history, from Southern Illinois to Chicago, and the world

Boom! The sound of a tough horn section in perfect harmonic lock-step and a crack rhythm section syncopating underneath roils like thunder out of my JBL PA, and a large figure, looming in the dark just off stage, hears his cue and ambles onto the stage.

Carbondale's behind-the-scenes unsung music scene heroes have gone on to do some amazing things

It just goes to show you that time spent here in the ‘Dale learning, working and playing can lead to great things, writes Robbie Stokes in this week's Music Historicity column.

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