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Police report contradicts Carbondale mayor’s account of domestic disturbance

CARBONDALE — New details from the SIU Carbondale Police Department about a domestic disturbance at Carbondale Mayor John “Mike” Henry’s home appear to contradict his public claim that “(t)here was never any violence, or threat of violence.”

How an Eldorado newspaper publisher convinced officials to establish the Shawnee National Forest

HARRISBURG — In 1931, the nation’s chief forester denied a recommendation from within his own ranks calling for the creation of a national forest in Southern Illinois.

Full state ethics report shows Randy Dunn, not Montemagno, made improper hires, then blamed others

The full report, obtained by The Southern, indicates Dunn is the one to blame for the improper hiring of former Chancellor Carlo Montemagno's relatives, as well as the hiring of Brad Colwell as vice president for academic and student affairs.


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The Southern Radio Hour: We discuss the shooting in Carbondale, the CBD craze, and more

This week on The Southern Radio Hour, reporters Gabriel Neely-Streit, Marilyn Halstead and Molly Parker, along with local news editor Alee Quick, discuss the recent shooting in Carbondale, the CBD craze, the future of the Crenshaw House (AKA The Old Slave House), cuts to the Perry County bud…

Voice of The Southern: Vaccinate. For all our sakes.

If only there were a surefire way to prevent disease. If only we didn’t have to face the possibility of untimely death from complications from the flu or measles, paralysis from polio, the discomfort — and risk of future painful disease — of chicken pox. If only we knew how to prevent tetanu…

Right-sizing SIU a pre-'E' topic

'It is my belief that two schools of 15,000 enrollment each would cost the taxpayers no more and would serve the public much better than a large one of nearly double that enrollment." 

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