CARBONDALE - Legend says the spirits of two prominent residents of Carbondale's early days continue to walk the halls of the historic Hundley House, and beginning Monday, guests and visitors will be able to join them.

Through the nearly eight decades since former Mayor John Charles Hundley and his wife Luella were shot to death in the home, the building has been used as an apartment complex, a chiropractor's office and a gift shop. Last year, Dan Jones of Carbondale bought the property and decided to convert it into a bed and breakfast.

The many changes, of course, have changed the landscape of the home's interior, and when Jones decided to revert the building into an actual house, he had little knowledge of its original form.

"We've had to use our imagination and follow the clues that were left by the previous owners," he said, noting the original blueprints for the house were destroyed in a city hall fire. "I put myself in the mind of someone from that period who wanted to build a fabulous house and started from there."

The house itself isn't the only thing that's historic, however. Jones' personal collection, including coal from the Titanic and autographed paintings by renown artists, is on display in the house. And, of course, the tales of the Hundley murders will always be a part of the home's tale.

Each of the three upstairs suites available for rent bears the name of one of the Hundleys. The room where Charles was shot and killed in his bed has the distinction of carrying his name, while the others are named for Luella and John's stepson Vincent, who lived next door and was considered a prime suspect in the double murder.

Jones expects the ghost tale to draw visitors to the site, and he believes people may find an extra benefit in staying in John Hundley's bedroom, affectionately known as "the murder room."

"If you have an active imagination, it can be very creepy," he said.



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