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New trash cans

Carbondale's new trash cans have arrived and will be delivered to residents next week.

CARBONDALE — Residents will receive new roll-out garbage carts starting Monday, Nov. 6, city officials say.

Maintenance and Environmental Services manager Robert Hardin said 3,800 containers will be delivered to customers’ homes by the end of next week.

Carbondale garbage collectors currently pick up every bag of trash by hand. With the installation of new tippers onto the city’s trucks, workers will simply have to roll each cart out to the hopper and a mechanical arm will flip it into the truck.

Loose trash can no longer be placed outside cans, Hardin noted. Residents will incur fees if they leave bags of trash — or large items like couches and mattresses — beside containers. They’ll be charged $10 for the first minute of pickup time and $7.50 for each additional minute.

Monthly refuse rates are still $12 per month; monthly recycling fees will also stay at their current level, $3.20 per month, and residents should continue to use their current recycling bins.

Residents can put old cans out curbside and collectors will take them as refuse, Hardin said. Alternatively, cans can be recycled at Southern Recycling at 300 W. Chestnut St.

“Southern Recycling will accept them, as long as they’re cleaned out and have no metal or no wheels on them,” Hardin said.

Any metal components, such as lift bars, must be cut out and wheels must be removed, he said.

Residents will receive a 95-gallon cart unless they requested a 45-gallon cart instead. Hardin said the office will be offering people some leeway on changing cart sizes; most likely, customers will be able to switch sizes for about a month without being charged a fee, he said.

Questions about the carts or changes to refuse services can be directed to the MES office at 618-457-3275.


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Janis Esch is a reporter covering higher education.

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