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Harrisburg Township High School Class of 1961 offers scholarship to graduates of local high school

Connie Jo Miller (center) is pictured with Jonah Rice (left), Southeastern Illinois College president, and Chad Flannery, executive dean of student services for SIC.

HARRISBURG — A local class from Harrisburg Township High School have found a way to expand their involvement in the community by giving back to students who attend the local high school. 

Partnered with the Southeastern Illinois College Foundation, Connie Jo Miller, along with her classmates from the Harrisburg Township High School class of 1961, will be offering an annual scholarship to graduates of Harrisburg High School. 

The Connie Jo Miller HTHS Class of 1961 Scholarship, valued at $2,500, will be awarded to a Harrisburg High School graduate with a 2.0 grade point average or above.

The eligible student must demonstrate characteristics of good citizenship and must also be planning to attend SIC. Students must also plan to major in technology or engineering.

“The HTHS Class of 1961 and I are proud to be able to offer the opportunity for a Harrisburg High School graduate to achieve their dreams in engineering or technology and further their education,” Miller said. “There is a greater demand for those fields now and with all the thousands and millions of jobs in technology promised we just hope to help someone from Harrisburg get a really good job.”

The class's decision to collaborate with the SIC Foundation is a result of its history with the college and its ratings, Miller said.  

“Forty percent of our class attended SIC and 38 of them are educators, and even some of their spouses are educators,” she said. “SIC is local and has good ratings.”

Before developing the scholarship, the class already had fundraisers in place, Miller said.

“When one of our classmates passed, instead of flowers we take up donations and donate those funds in honor of that classmate,” she said.

With the scholarship now being offered, two more fundraisers have been scheduled for the year.

“We already have two fundraisers set up for this year to raise more money for the Connie Jo Miller HTHS Class of 1961 Scholarship fund,” Miller said.  

Funds from the scholarship will assist students with tuition costs, required course supplies and books.

Jonah Rice, president of Southeastern Illinois College, said he considers the scholarship as a boon for students.

“This scholarship will be a valuable resource for deserving students from Harrisburg High School,” he said. “The college and our foundation (would like) to thank all those who have made this scholarship a reality for a lucky local student. It’s this type of giving that can change a life for the better.”

Applications for the scholarship can be found on the college’s website at< Students are advised to apply before the Feb. 29 deadline.  

For more information about the Connie Jo Miller HTHS Class of 1961 scholarship, call Sky Fowler at 618-252-5400 ext. 2482. 

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