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Harrisburg City Council voted to slightly raise its tax levy during a special meeting Thursday morning.

Mayor John McPeek said each municipality is mandated by law to levy taxes.

“We had to raise ours up a little bit because of our police and fire pensions, workman’s comp and torts,” McPeek said. “We did not increase taxes.”

Of the $1.8 million levied, 77 percent goes to police and fire pension, workmen’s comp and torts, according to McPeek.

He explained that the only way taxes can go up more than what they are last year, other than county or municipality raising tax levy more than 5 percent, is to increase the value of the home.

“Our legislators have got to step up and do something about our police and fire pensions and workman’s comp,” McPeek said.

— Marilyn Halstead

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