Jack's fire

Murphysboro Fire Chief Steve McBride said Jack's Meat Market and Deli is likely a total loss after an early morning fire tore through the building's attic.

MURPHYSBORO — A Murphysboro landmark eatery is likely a total loss after an early morning fire ripped through the building's attic, the fire chief told The Southern Friday.

A late-night passerby caught the fire that would later gut Jack’s Meat Market and Deli in Murphybsoro.

Murphysboro Fire Chief Steve McBride said the call came in around 1:30 a.m. — someone driving by saw flames coming from the roof. He said when crews arrived, they found a fire contained mostly to the attic.

McBride said there were no injuries associated with the fire, but did say the building, which has been in Murphysboro more than 50 years, will likely be a total loss. He said the fire was mainly in the the attic, but in trying to find the hot spots to put out, McBride said firefighters had to pull a lot of the ceiling down. This, on top of heat and smoke damage, may mean the end for the building.

Jack’s was recently taken into new ownership and has only been back up and running for about a week. McBride said the new owners were on the scene and had insurance on the building.

The wind made containing the fire difficult — gusts wreaked havoc in the region all day, knocking down trees, causing power outages, and even peeling of some roofs. McBride said the strong winds last night accelerated the fire and made it move faster through the building.

McBride said the investigation into what started the fire will be handled internally. At this time he said he doesn’t see anything that leads him to believe it was “a human involvement fire.”

However, because of the age of the building and the way it was constructed — it had been added onto many times throughout the years — he said it may be difficult to come up with an exact location where the fire started.

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