PINCKNEYVILLE — Despite a last-minute pretrial conference Friday, Allen Fisher is still set to go to trial next week.

Fisher, 51, was charged last year with two counts of aggravated battery and one count of intimidation in the April 2018 assault of Robert L. Pfister in Swanwick.

However, a closer read of the charging documents illuminate a grislier tale. The state alleges that Fisher intentionally “caused great bodily harm, permanent disability of disfigurement” to Pfister in that he “gouged, or clawed the eyes of (Pfister) resulting in partial or total blindness to one or both of (Pfister’s) eyes.”

The document’s second charge of battery includes a clause, classifying the action as torture, which it defines as “subjection to extreme physical pain, motivated by an intent to increase or prolong the pain suffering or agony of the victim.”

During Friday’s hearing, Perry County Assistant State’s Attorney David Stanton presented a third amended information document including more specific language in the intimidation charge as well as an amended notice of eligibility for extended term sentence — because of the “heinous behavior” the charges allege, the state is seeking an extended five- to 10-year sentence for the first count of aggravated battery.

In a phone conversation Friday after the hearing, Stanton said Fisher’s trial is still scheduled to begin next week with jury selection Monday and arguments beginning Wednesday.

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Isaac Smith is a reporter covering Jackson County.

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