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WATCH NOW: Marion cop seen punching suspect outside Pookie's Bar; investigation underway
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WATCH NOW: Marion cop seen punching suspect outside Pookie's Bar; investigation underway


A screenshot from a video allegedly showing officers detaining and tasing a suspect Friday in Marion.

MARION — Marion police have opened an investigation into an officer’s use of force after video circulating on social media over the weekend appeared to show the officer repeatedly punching a suspect who was later stunned with a Taser.

Bystander video obtained by The Southern appears to show three officers attempting to detain a white suspect on the pavement in front of Pookie’s Bar in Marion.

One officer is then seen repeatedly punching the suspect in the back, according to the video. 

In two separate moments, he appears to deliver several blows to the suspect's body before another officer uses a Taser on the person — it appeared that officers struggled to put the person’s hands behind their back to be handcuffed, according to the video.

Department officials released their version of events in a media statement Sunday.

Authorities were called Friday at 11:51 p.m. to investigate bottles being thrown at motorists from a rooftop near the Marion post office, according to the release. 

A man was not involved in the initial call allegedly began interfering with the investigation, police said. He allegedly exhibited “hostile behavior," according to an officer’s report.

A probable cause affidavit filed in Williamson County Court on Monday identified Jeramey K. Brown, 22, of Benton, as the suspect in question.

The affidavit, written by the MPD officer, said Brown was first seen by police in a dark alley near the location of the original complaint.

He had a beer in each hand, according to the officer. After being told to pour out the beers, the officer stated that Brown acted “with hostility” and started to walk away.

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Brown, after a small struggle, eventually went back inside the bar before returning some time later, again with two bottles of beer, according to the officer, court documents state. 

The officer said Brown eventually came to stand in the middle of Madison Street, screaming profanities at officers who were still investigating the original call, court documents state.

Brown attempted to go back inside via the Pookie's patio but was blocked by a bartender. The reporting officer said the suspect allegedly shoved the bartender to regain entry to Pookie's.

The MPD officer reported the conflict in court documents:

“Officer Gott grabbed one (of) his arms. Brown then grabbed one of the poles on the patio, and refused to place his hands behind his back. I struck his right arm to remove his arm from the pole, and Brown was taken to the ground.

“He ended up on his back and he attempted to kick me. I was able to grab his foot to block the kick. Officer Gott And I then tried to roll Brown to his stomach to be handcuffed.

“He continued to resist, and eventually rolled to his stomach, and trapped both his arms under his body. I was able to free his arm, and placed him in a wrist lock and I told him to give me his other hand.

“Brown still refused to comply, keeping his right hand trapped under his body. Officer Brinkley used closed hand strikes to large muscle groups trying to gain compliance from Brown. Officer Gayer then deployed his Taser, and (was) able to free his right arm, and handcuff Brown.”

Marion police said the department is opening an investigation into the matter "based on concerns raised on social media regarding our officers handling of the interaction, as well as the appropriateness of the use of force,' the release stated.

As part of the investigation, MPD will review "all available facts and evidence including witness statements as well as videos posted to social media. Additional information will be provided as the investigation continues."

Brown has been charged with battery and resisting a peace officer, according to court documents. 

This story is developing. Check back later for updates.


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