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At least two Southern Illinois police departments have warned people playing the instantly popular Pokemon Go smartphone game to remember safety and the law.

In a Facebook post Monday, the Murphysboro Police Department cautioned players who walk into someone's yard chasing a character from the game can be charged with trespass. "There has been complaints of such activities in the city," the post says. "Please stay off private property unless you have permission from the land owner to be on it."

The Marion Police Department on Tuesday said in a Facebook post that it has received "an increasing number of calls" related to Pokemon Go.

The post says people playing the game at hours and times when businesses are closed to the public or trespassing on private property are safety issues.

"Please don't wander around at 1 a.m. or in the middle of the night, on someone else's property or in someone's back yard [sic] looking to catch one. Not a great plan and definitely not safe!!!"

Marion PD wraps up its post by saying: "We definitely want everyone to have fun playing Pokemon Go, but to also be aware, be smart, pay attention, and as always, BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!"

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