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Bitchers T-shirt

A Carbondale man is selling "Carbondale Bitchers" T-shirts in response to an email in which President Randy Dunn said he was using certain funding distribution figures in the SIU campus funding reallocation proposal 'simply to shut up the bitchers from Carbondale.'

CARBONDALE — Last week, a guest opinion column about Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn’s handling of a funding reallocation proposal made waves in the SIU Carbondale community, provoking a public outcry and spurring calls for Dunn’s resignation from Illinois lawmakers. Now it has inspired a T-shirt.

In an April 4 internal email — included in the opinion piece by SIUC faculty member Kathleen Chwalisz, published in The Southern Illinoisan last Thursday — Dunn wrote that he was using certain funding distribution figures "simply to shut up the bitchers from Carbondale" who opposed the $5.1 million reallocation from SIU Carbondale to SIU Edwardsville.

Dunn Email

Jason Wonnell, a lecturer in SIUC’s School of Art and Design, designed “Carbondale Bitchers” shirts after reading Chwalisz’s editorial. He said a friend pointed out that the phrase sounded like a sports team.

“It’s just my natural reaction when I get called a name, is to own it. So I figured it sounded like a perfect team that we all could join,” Wonnell said.

Wonnell said the shirts have been popular so far, and that he’s even had a few customers from Edwardsville. He made an initial run of 100 and is planning a second batch.

The shirts, which come in black or maroon, are currently for sale for $15 on Etsy.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the T-shirts would be available at Pinch Penny in Carbondale.


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Janis Esch is a reporter covering higher education.

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