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Carbondale City Hall is shown in November 2017.

CARBONDALE — An event later this month will offer local residents the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of applying for jobs with three of the region’s biggest employers.

The City of Carbondale, Southern Illinois Healthcare and Southern Illinois University Carbondale have joined to offer two employment workshops to provide insight into the various types of positions available at each organization and how their hiring practices differ depending on the category of job.

The first workshop will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 13 at SIU Student Center and the second from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 26 at the Carbondale Civic Center.

Todd Bryson, SIU’s associate chancellor for diversity, is one of the driving forces behind the event and he said it was actually a reboot of a previous event SIUC had hosted.

“The idea for this event came from a suggestion from a member the Carbondale Chapter of the NAACP,” Bryson wrote in an email. “Previously SIU conducted employment workshops, with the last one in 2013 in partnership with the NAACP.”

Bryson explained that he decided to expand it to include the city and they then landed on having a third employer — so they reached out to SIH.

Sara Hilton works in human resources at SIH and said there are more than just medical jobs available at SIH.

“We have lots of positions that don’t have a clinical background needed,” she said. “We have everything from entry level positions … all the way up to executive level positions.”

Bryson wanted to make something clear though: Both of this month’s events are not job fairs.

“No one will be interviewed at this event,” Bryson wrote. “Human Resource representatives from each business will present the stages of the application and employment process for their respective business.”

This isn’t to say that a job couldn’t come of the event, but Bryson said it isn’t the primary goal.

Bryson said finding work can be intimidating, especially when different jobs require different ways of applying.

“If you are a person who is looking for employment, you can get scared by the process,” he said.

Bryson and Hilton said there isn’t one targeted demographic. Anyone who is looking for work is the target.

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