Dr. Fauci Issues Warning , to States Easing COVID-19 Restrictions. This week, the Republican Governors of Texas and Mississippi announced an end to all state-imposed mask mandates. . Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious diseases expert in the United States, appeared on CNN to publicly disagree with their decisions. . He said that from a “public health standpoint” their actions were “ill-advised.”. He then referenced past instances of states reopening too quickly as soon as COVID-19 case numbers dropped. . We had rebounds which were very troublesome … What we don’t need right now is another surge, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via Huffpost. Dr. Fauci went on to directly counter Texas Senator John Cornyn, who previously said COVID-19 restrictions were “arbitrary.” . They’re not arbitrary … They’re based on evidence and data from science. We know that these interventions work, it’s very clear: When you implement them, you see the cases go down. When you pull back, the cases go up, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via Huffpost. In Dr. Fauci’s professional opinion, now is “not the time to pull back.” . Now’s the time to really crush this by doing both public health measures and accelerating the vaccinations like we’re doing, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via Huffpost

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