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We want truth, justice

To the Editor:

She was only 21, but wise beyond her years, as one in the family said.

Her life on this earth ended on March 24, 2012.

She was in the apartment of a Carbondale police dispatcher, and her name is Mollie Marie Young.

I appreciate The Southern Illinoisan’s commitment to the truth and know they search for the truth in this case, as does the family.

The Illinois State Police are actively investigating and there is high confidence and trust in that agency.

It is very unfortunate the immediate next-of-kin (father and mother) were never properly notified by the local agency.

This could have been done without any interference whatsoever with proper investigative techniques.

Although a state trooper later went

to another relative’s house, timely and proper notification to the immediate next of kin as per standards of the International Conference of Police Chaplains was never accomplished.

I ask anyone: How would you have felt if it had been your daughter?

The mission statement of the police department starts out to say “our mission is to work in partnership with our community to preserve life.”

That’s a lofty goal, one common in police department mission statements language.

I only wish that could have been accomplished March 24.

I would like to ask, no, plead, with anyone who may have information pertinent to this open death investigation to please contact the Illinois State Police and provide that information to them. All the family is seeking is truth and justice.

She was my niece.

Charlie Lamont

Retired Mount Vernon City Police Captain

Mount Vernon

What happened?

To the Editor:

Whatever happened to shooting marbles in a circle, hopscotch, playing jacks, kick-the-can, cowboys and Indians and tag — you’re it?

That was the American way.

We made our own cars and were proud of the label “Made in USA.” Baseball was the national game, and now most of our baseball caps are made in China.

I wore a cap the other day that was made in Burma, home to one of the most ruthless dictators in the world.

Politicians tell us they want to create more jobs and lower taxes — but when elected, we never see any results, the promises never met!

Speaking of jobs — how about joining the military and serving 15 years (five years from retirement) and then be told that you’re not needed anymore, after you’ve served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Maybe FEMA is looking for good help. They seem to need it.

All you have to do is learn how to form a straight line and walk with a pen and clipboard. Harrisburg put them to work, just to be told their flattened strip mall and homes do not qualify for federal assistance.

What has happened to the great nation we grew to love, respect and depend on?

Michael “Mickey” Crain



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