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Here's when to see this weekend's full Snow Moon
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Here's when to see this weekend's full Snow Moon

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The night sky lights up to mark the end of February with the rise of the Snow Moon on Feb. 26.

Look up at the night sky Friday night to catch a glimpse of February's full moon, which will be 100% full on Saturday at 3:17 a.m. ET.

The full moon will be visible around the world, but poor weather may block the view for some. Moon gazers can watch a live stream of the full moon in Rome from The Virtual Telescope Project.

Native American tribes in the northeastern United States call February's full moon the Snow Moon because of the heavy snowfall this time of year, according to the Maine Farmer's Almanac.

Snow Moon

February is generally the snowiest month of the year in North America, so its full moon is appropriately nicknamed the Snow Moon, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Tribes across the United States have their own names for February's full moon, according to the Western Washington University Planetarium website. The Arapaho in the Great Plains have the closest name to Snow Moon, which is "frost sparkling in the sun."

Other tribes have names that are the opposite, like the Zuni Tribe in New Mexico, which calls it "onon u'la'ukwamme," meaning "no snow in trails."

Some tribes named this full moon after animals. The Tlingit Tribe in the Pacific Northwest call it "s'eek dis" or "black bear moon." The Haida Tribe in Alaska call it "hlgit'un kungáay" or "goose moon."

Typical of a normal year, 2021 will have 12 full moons. Last year had 13 full moons, two of which were in October.

Why are full moons sometimes called by specific names? Here's a guide to full moon nicknames:


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