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Positively Speaking | Toby Moore: Enthusiasm

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Toby Moore

Toby Moore

When people decide to pursue a dream, they usually get fired up and motivated. They lose weight; make a business plan, build the team, hire the lawyers, contact the agents, write the book, rent the office, and tell everyone they know; They make sure to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s!

It’s easy at the beginning of a dream to keep a good attitude; we know our success is imminent. It is In this stage of a plan when people’s enthusiasm is usually through the roof.

If the dream doesn’t happen as fast as we think it ought to, sometimes people quickly become depressed, the negative voices in their head begin to say, “it’s been too long; it’s never gonna happen.”, “Just give up; who do you think you are?”, “you weren’t cut out for this! stop wasting your time!”, “no reason to stay sober, just have a drink and smoke!”

Suddenly the enthusiasm is gone. What was once a happy and exciting endeavor has now become something different. Fear, doubt, complacency may have set in, and being fired up and excited about the possibilities is just a fading memory.

For most, this is just too much to handle. After just a couple of days of feeling like that, they’ll give up and wish they'd never have tried in the first place.

What happened? It started so well! Lots of things can happen that lead to a downfall of a dream, but the most dangerous thing that can happen is a loss of enthusiasm.

Without the enthusiasm that was first brought to the dream, the dream may become unobtainable. Sometimes it takes so long that when the opportunity for success finally presents itself, it’s ruined because the loss of enthusiasm can make you uninteresting at best, jaded and bitter at worst.

Without that original fire you brought to the dream, it will be hard for anyone to want to buy what you’re selling or even want to be of any help whatsoever.

Have you ever had a non-enthusiastic teacher hold your attention for very long? How long can you sit through a sermon from a pastor who doesn’t seem to care what they are teaching? Have you ever wanted to buy a product from a non-enthusiastic salesperson? How do you feel when your waiter acts like they hate their life? Do you want to tip them?

I got my oil changed a couple of weeks back, and I was the first customer of the day! I drove into the garage, sure to be greeted with a smile. The young man working the front just glared at me as I pulled in; it was uncomfortable! He was heartbroken at my presence; I wanted to drive away as fast as possible, but unfortunately for him and me, I had to get the oil changed right then and there.

The one ingredient missing from the above scenarios that would make everything better is enthusiasm! Without enthusiasm, you’re blah!

Enthusiasm makes you likable, it makes you interesting, and it makes people want to help you!

On the long road of accomplishing a significant dream, finding a way to keep your enthusiasm will be your most important task and maybe your most difficult.

Napoleon Hill said that “Enthusiasm is the steam that makes the engine work.”

The word 'enthusiasm' has its origins in the Greek language and translates to 'God Within!'

The ancient Greeks used It to describe people who possessed superhuman abilities! If you accomplished great things, the Greeks would say you have Enthusiasm!

Have you ever seen a non-enthusiastic person described as having a god within them?

It’s almost exclusively the fired-up, motivated, interested, and person who is full of life who has that quality! That’s the type of person the Greeks would say has a god living within them!

Have you lost your enthusiasm? Get it back! Get fired up! Let people see the power inside of you!

Toby Moore is a columnist, the star of Emmy - Nominated A Separate Peace, and CEO of CubeStream Inc. He may be reached at



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