To the Editor:

The sponsors of the new marijuana law are wrong in saying the black market will be reduced or dry up next year. We told them, backed by data and along with other law enforcement groups, that the black market will increase and flourish if recreational cannabis becomes legal.

In a recent editorial, you correctly say that it is not difficult to get marijuana now. Why would these many consumers go to a legal dispensary and pay a lot more — and all those taxes — if they can continue to get it easily and conveniently from their usual sources? The dispensaries may do very well, but so will the black market.

You credit the bill's sponsors for getting information from Colorado. We have been in touch with our colleagues from Colorado, California, Washington and other states, and we are confident, unfortunately, that the black market will continue to flourish next year.

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I give the sponsors and other pro-marijuana people credit for providing bad information enough times that many people now believe it.

Ed Wojcicki

Executive Director

Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

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