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Voice of The Southern: Thanks for the support
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Voice of The Southern: Thanks for the support

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This newspaper you’re reading was produced almost entirely remotely.

In fact, many of the newspapers you’ve read since the primary election about two weeks ago have been produced remotely.

Such is life in today’s world.

Journalists, by nature, want to be out and about, gathering the stories that we put together for you, our readers.

So, to say it’s been tough for us the past couple of weeks would be an understatement — but then again, we all realize that it could be much worse.

Much worse.

Again, such is life in today’s world.

To give you a quick glimpse at our world — how we make the sausage, so to speak — each day begins with a video call between our news reporters, editors and our photographer. We plan out the day, as best we can, and proceed. Our sports writers continue to innovate coverage while all of the events we traditionally cover are canceled.

Later in the day, our editors and copy editors get on a call to map out the paper. Our copy editors spend the evening working with designers remotely and sending completed pages to press. Our carriers continue to safely deliver the newspaper to subscribers all over the region.

And, most of it is done, right now, from the “comforts” of home (special shout-out to our delivery drivers here, who are still out there making sure you wake up to the news you need). Sure, it’s not the way we’re used to doing our jobs. But, at the end of the day, for many of us, it’s just an inconvenience and that’s it.

Reporters spend their days on the phone with health experts, local leaders and people around the region impacted by the pandemic. We thank everyone who has been willing to share their stories with us. We thank leaders for making themselves available to us — and therefore, our readers. Our photographers document the impacts of this novel coronavirus in powerful images — while maintaining a safe social distance.

We do all of this for you, our readers and our members. We do it because it’s our job. We do it because we want you to be informed as to what is happening in the world around you.

This is a good time to remind everybody that we couldn’t do this without you — our readers and our advertisers. We thank you for everything that you do for us.

It’s also a good time to tell everybody that we, like a lot of businesses in Southern Illinois and beyond, could always use some support. This is a good time as any to remind folks that having a newspaper membership is a great way to stay informed. We'd argue staying informed is even more important now than ever.

Yes, we will continue to inform you about local, sate and national COVID-19 cases. We will also continue to ask how it's impacting you and your neighbors. We will continue to tell you the stories that matter — how the virus is changing life in our world and in our neighborhoods.

Like every other business out there, this is going to be a tough time for us, too. Any support we can get is much appreciated.

The local newspaper is a deeper look into the soul of a community. We love being the mirror that reflects that soul, and we’ll continue to reflect everything that is Southern Illinois.

Thank you for your support, no matter what it is.

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