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To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Professor Eichholz’s letter on April 1 arguing that 75 percent of faculty voting to delay the reorganization process was not indicative of a lack of support for the chancellor’s plan. Eichholz wrote that his department, Zoology, “voted 11 to 3 in favor of the 30-day extension even though there is near unanimous support within the department for the restructuring.”

Just a few days later, Zoology rejected the reorganization plan in the final formal vote by 12 against and 1 in favor.

Eichholz’s attitude is emblematic of Montemagno’s and that of his supporters: No matter what evidence comes forward to the contrary, the chancellor and his supporters continue to insist that the restructuring plan has massive support. This willful blindness is such that when the Faculty Senate voted 2-1 against eliminating departments, the chancellor’s observation was that the vote was not unanimous.

The most painful aspect of Montemagno’s (and his supporters’) single-minded focus on a restructuring plan that is rejected by a substantial majority of the faculty, is the thought of what these administrators are not focusing on. By allowing restructuring to suck up all the organizational oxygen on the Carbondale campus, Montemagno and his administration are miserably failing to address SIUC’s existential problem: enrollment. This administration has no focus on recruitment or retention.

This misguided focus is what needs to be "restructured," and this has to be done in a big hurry.

Aldo Migone



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