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To the Editor:

The distraction will be televised. Knowing his candidate in Alabama was about to lose and embarrassed by the likelihood the Senate would again fail to repeal the ACA, Donald knew just what to do. Now was the time to take on the NFL. And we see Donald on TV and YouTube cussing out black football players and calling for them to be fired for an act of peaceful protest. He knew of course what would come next — more players would kneel to protest him. More controversy. More division. Touchdown for Donald. Steve Bannon is happy again. Who cares about Puerto Rico when Twitter is aflame with this stuff?

What should alarm Americans is that our president is calling for people to be fired for expressing views he does not approve of.

If you disagree with the protesting NFL players, that’s your right. But they have rights too. During the McCarthy era actors and writers were blacklisted for their political views. Are we going to allow this to happen to athletes now? Who will be next?

Mike Sullivan



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