Voice of the Reader: A message
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Voice of the Reader: A message

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To the Editor:

I would like to reply to Mike Bost's campaign manager, Myles Nelson, regarding his opinion of Ray Lenzi's recent op-ed.

I did some research on Mike's voting record to verify Mr. Nelson's remarks. I do see where he missed some votes in June 2019 and that fits with what he says. I did notice something else though while looking at the Ballotpedia website. The majority of Mike's votes are strictly partisan. As long as Republicans held the House, he was a "yes" vote. In 2018, after the Democrats took back the House, the majority of his votes were "no".

Then, I compared different bills and his votes on them specifically. I was completely appalled. He voted no to lower drug costs, to protect the right to organize, to remove the time limit on ratifying the ERA, the advancement of voters rights, protecting Americans with preexisting conditions, condemning the president's racist remarks to members of Congress and securing America's federal elections — just to name a few.

My message to Mr. Nelson is this: You may not like what Ray Lenzi has to say. He doesn't mince his words or hold back the truth — the research is there to be had. Mike Bost does not represent us in Washington D.C. the way Southern Illinois should be and that is why I will be voting for Ray Lenzi for Congress in Illinois' 12th district.

Mary Rajcok




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