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To the Editor:

Just when you thought you had read, heard or witnessed the most stupid news article, something like this comes along.

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the House, stood for over eight hours giving a speech on immigration in high heels! Now, what do you think the story is? She was in high heels for eight hours. She's 78 years old — how can she do that? She must be a Wonder Woman!

Really? I've met Ms. Pelosi, the reason she wore high heels is because she is short. She knew she would be conducting the filibuster, she knew she would be standing for numerous hours. She did the filibuster to bring attention to the immigration's dreamers' cause.

However the news cycle is not on the Dreamers, the immigration problem, the shutting down of a country, the Rusian involvement in our election process No, no, no — it's about Nancy wearing four-inch heels and standing for eight hours.

What might have happened had Nancy and the rest of Congress got together and worked out some legislation to end the immigration problem, the government shutdown, or actually done something close to their job in those eight hours? No wonder our country is in the mess we are in!

People, here is the motto: If they are in, they are out in the next election, regardless of party, regardless of seniority. They are not doing anything for any of us. Vote the incumbents out.

Jim Snider



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