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Voice of the Reader: A response
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Voice of the Reader: A response

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To the Editor:

A letter to the editor (“Questions”) in the Sunday, July 19, edition of The Southern took issue with a protest concerning human rights held in Carbondale on June 29 where the Carbondale Public Safety Center was vandalized.

One of my staff members, along with many others, did attend the protest. However, this person did not take part in any vandalism and did not break any laws. Nor was my staffer attending the event on behalf of our campaign. It should be noted that our campaign fully supports freedom of speech and association for all U.S. citizens. The writer is simply alleging guilt by association. There is no place for that.

As to some of the author’s other points: We reject acts of vandalism and violence by all parties. I do not support zeroing out police budgets. We do think George Floyd’s murder has raised serious issues at all levels of government regarding police abuses. We do support the 21st Century George Floyd Justice in Policing Act now sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk. We support uplifting all marginalized individuals. Human rights issues are real and must be addressed.

So, let’s move on … there are many pressing issues in this campaign.

Mike Bost’s silence on the Trump administration’s failed Coronavirus response is deafening. Bost has voted to cut health insurance from 30 million people, to cut Medicare and Medicaid, and to increase drug prices for seniors. He has also voted to keep the Confederate flag in federal facilities and against an increase in the minimum wage. Mr. Bost has sold out the people of Southern Illinois for a super-rich, outside-the-district donor base.

We have publicly challenged Mr. Bost to a series Lincoln-Douglas style debates on these and other issues. However, with no town hall meetings in nearly four years, we suspect he will continue to hide behind dirty money.

So, what say you Congressman Bost? Are you brave enough to discuss the real issues of the day or will you continue to hide behind those billionaire donors? We await your answer.

Ray Lenzi

Democratic candidate for Congress

Illinois 12th District



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