Voice of the Reader: A revolution

Voice of the Reader: A revolution

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To the Editor:

I agree with Chris Tabing that it is time for a revolution, he just has the location incorrect.

The former Republican party needs to take their party back. I am quite certain that if Abraham Lincoln were around today, he would either be a Democrat or Independent. Abe was not a man of hate, yet so-called Republicans and Conservatives (they no longer have a conservative bone in their body, nor a true conservative bent) keep telling me that I hate Donald Trump. No, I do not hate the king, but I do not respect him. I am more for truth and he has never accepted nor spoken the truth.

As far as overturning a "legitimate presidential election," when so much has come out regarding Russian meddling, I forgot that the king asked Putin if their country had meddled and good old Vlad smiled and said "no" — and the king said he believed him.

Jimmy Breslin wrote a fine book some years ago entitled "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight." With this administration, from the king to the bottom, we have a "Gang That Refuses to Shoot Straight."

Yup, it is time for a revolution, within the former Grand Old Party.

Tom Ellison




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