To the Editor:

This is regarding a Baltimore Sun article published thesouthern.com on “Want to address homelessness, Mr. President? Two words: affordable housing.”

Another long term solution to our housing crisis can be a renters’ tax credit.

Eleven million families in the U.S. pay over 50% of their income to rent and carry with them the constant burden of choosing between paying for rent or food. We are currently facing a housing crisis and it is time we take action. An action that aims to help people exit their state of homelessness and poverty for ever.

A renters’ credit would limit rent for low-income families to 30 percent of their income and provide a tax credit for the balance above that, up to local fair market value. This will allow more people to not only afford their rent but will provide them the opportunity to put the funds aside to eventually buy a house and become a homeowner.

I urge President Trump to take appropriate action to address homelessness by enacting a renters’ tax credit for low and moderate income families in the next tax legislation. I also urge the readers of The Southern to call or write to your members of congress asking to support this powerful solution.

Sri Jaladi

St. Louis

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