To the Editor:

The ICE raids on food processing plants in Mississippi are nothing less than "ethnic cleansing." They are too reminiscent of booted Nazi thugs breaking into the Jews' homes and businesses and dragging them into Concentration camps.

Have we forgotten this shameful history so soon? Imagine a child coming home from school to an empty house, no Mom, no Dad, and nothing to tell you where they are. How cruel can we be? This president, the son of an immigrant, grandson of another, husband of two more, has the gall to say these people are not welcome.

They take the dirty, lowest paid jobs no one else wants because they know their children will have a chance of education in a safe environment. These children are our future citizens, taxpayers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and yes, perhaps even a president. But I doubt they will ever forget the day ICE took Mommy and Daddy away.

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The truth is this president does not like people of color, who speak another language and that is his only reason for discouraging immigrants. We need workers and taxpayers for the economy to grow and all of us to prosper.

Right now, I am ashamed of my country's leaders and our image before the world.

Judith Schwegman


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