To the Editor:

Three taxes have received attention lately.

USA Today recently rated Illinois as having the second-highest property taxes in the nation. I am not surprised as Southern Illinois votes consistently vote to raise our property taxes. Maybe these voters want to be No. 1 in the property tax race?

Secondly, the gas tax. State roads and bridges are in need of repair. Politicians like building new roads and bridges to brag about jobs, but fail to fund for maintenance and rising inflation cost. Vehicle manufacturers are preparing to build fleets of electric cars and trucks which use no gas. Others buy hybrids. As gas consumption goes down how will roads and bridges be paid for? I am going to bet on highway tolls.

Finally the rich man's friendly flat income tax will get the boot when the state passes the graduated income tax legislation. No one likes paying taxes more than the rich, who will pay politicians millions to keep their tax rate low. People in the governor's tax bracket can pay more without any change in their lifestyle.

Consequently, I am going to vote to raise the governor's income tax.

Richard Gillespie


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