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To the Editor:

I just received an email survey from our local politician in Congress. The topic of the survey was about supporting or not supporting stricter border security.

The problem is that there were only two options. The first, "Yes, I support stricter border security enforcement"; and the second, "No, I do not support stricter border enforcement."

What kind of questions are these? If you vote no, then you come across as un-American. If you vote yes, is that a licence to build a wall? It's a very poor question selection for a true survey! Yes, the majority of Americans do support strict border security. They don't support a wall that won't work.

History has shown that walls for border security are a terribly expensive and fail to work as intended: The Great Wall of China -- failed. Hadrian's Wall -- failed. The Maginot Line -- failed. The Siegfried Line -- failed. The Berlin Wall -- failed. Even the Korean DMZ doesn't work. I'm sure there are hundreds of North Korean Operatives living in South Korea.

My points are two-fold. First, if you're going to make a survey, don't use biased questions. Any school teacher or good administrator will tell you that. Secondly, spending money on a wall that cannot work is foolish. Spend money on technology and personnel to properly guard the borders.

And finally, pass meaningful bipartisan legislation that will actually help the situation and not divide the Americans citizens who pay taxes to live here.

Steven Haldeman


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