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Voice of the Reader: Biden's action was heroic

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To the Editor:

Finding fault with Biden's heroic ending of the war in Afghanistan is the equivalent of the Republicans finding fault with Hillary Clinton, and goading ignorant people to chant, "lock her up," to turn ignorant people against Hillary, to make Hillary lose the election." In the words of, then president, George H. Bush, just after conquering the Kuate conflict, and withdrawing all troops, "Although civil war might break out, because that country has had civil wars and conflicts for thousands of years, and he could not explain to any families why a member of their family was killed fighting to try to solve their problems, which are non of our business." The truth is, it was a great action of Biden to withdraw all of our troops. Not only, is it consistent with GH Bush's analysis, of governments and politics in that area of the world, but it will save U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars (which will free up those billions of dollars so those dollars can go to programs for U.S. citizens. Note for example, that home health care has been restored, and foodstamps have been increased, alleviating some of what the Trump Era took away. (Also, note this prevents the "one-percent rich" from profiting from defense contracts, which were probably the sole reason for extending the useless Afghan war, and putting a small dent into the Great income inequality.)

Judy Cunningham



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