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To the Editor:

The House version of the new tax plan has one item that everyone in Southern Illinois should be concerned about. It is the new tax placed on graduate students.

SIU is currently struggling, but has consistently made graduate degrees and research a priority. In order to chip away at the deficit created by a huge tax giveaway to the very corporations that benefit from this research, the house would tax what is one of America’s greatest successes.

Not only is the U.S. system of colleges and universities an engine that ignites innovation and new technology, it draws the best and brightest students from across the globe. For a majority of students, graduate school is an incredible financial challenge. They are able to receive tuition waivers because their research, thousands of hours of it, benefits the university. They are not receiving anything they don’t earn many times over.

This one item in the tax bill can effectively kill SIU. Please tell Mike Bost that if he cares about SIU he will vote against any final bill that contain this provision.

Barb Woolard



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