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Voice of the Reader: Bost where is your platform?

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To the Editor:

Congressman Mike Bost, you really need to stop putting down our president that is so busy trying to correct the damage caused by your friend Trump! You certainly can find things to nit pick on but never seem to have a solution! As a matter of fact, all you want to do is obstruct anything good for the people. Remember them? The people you work for! Whether Republican or Democrat, you work for us, but I don't see any of that coming from you! Where is your platform? What do the Republicans want to do for the millions of constituents that struggle most of their lives for a sliver of the pie? God forbid we give people on Medicare dental and vision! Or lower drug prices! Seriously Mike Bost, what do you and your counterparts want to do for us? Us doesn't include people like Bezo's, Gates, Koch, and Musk. They are nothing like your actual constituents. They want for nothing. But I sure know many people in dire need of help. Who are you and when are you going to start working?

Mary Rajcok




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