To the Editor:

A recent letter about an ICE raid shows what has become obvious over the past few years — Democrats and progressives reach conclusions in search of evidence.

The letter exemplified a recent letter I sent to the editor about their tactics. It seems impossible to legitimately discuss an issue with them without being subjected to name-calling and the application of labels.

The writer used two of the lowest forms of argument: Attacking the person by name calling and the use of loaded language to influence the reader. These arguments show the illegitimacy of the argument.

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The writer expressed opinion as fact without foundation. One mistake is to conflate undocumented with documented immigrants. It is assumed the workers were from family units and being cherry-picked to be deported. Statistics do not bear this out.

The story about "Mommy and Daddy" shows another weakness. The reliance on fictional storytelling to prove a point.

John Rutherford

Johnston City

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